Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Summer´s gone, autumn is finally here again. This of course means a lot more time spent playing with my Photoshop.
Lately I´ve been working on the layout to a business card for a company and a couple of logos for a website.

Above is an ExLibris that I created for myself (for you who don´t speak latin, I can tell that nomen nescio means "the name is unknown", the prints I have naturally have my name there)

The words in latin are: perspicientia, commendo, disciplinae, decus and honestus
These words mean: knowledge, commitment (to care or protection), discipline, pride and respect. Words that can be described as my motto.
On the shield there are two swords, the symbol for medicine and the lion.

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Lew Jaffe said...

If you would like to see additional exlibris and learn more about them , please visit my bookplate blog

Lewis Jaffe Philadephia, Pa.