Sunday, November 19, 2006

Juniperus communis

Inspired by mr Karlsson to try a new filter in Photoshop if a severe lack of inspiration suddenly hits. A copied layer of the pic treated with a dose of the chalk-&-charcole-filter, with the opacity set to about 70% to let the colours through. I find the result pretty good, concidering the minimal amount of work put into it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Perhaps you recognize the chair in this image. That's because I posted an image a couple of months ago from the same scene.

The techniques used are very similar to the ones used in my earlier post "silence". I combined some old text that I scanned, a picture and a few techniques where the image is made looking old. This time I got a bit more philosophical in my photoshoping, though. I wanted to present an image where the object (in this case, a chair) is given life. Does this sound corny? Well, perhaps...

This is, however, what I was processing in my mind as I created this collage.
The chair, all destroyed and worn out, has served its purposes. People have been reading, thinking, laughing, arguing and perhaps creating life in it. Is what we see with our eyes all what is left? Or does the object remember? If it does, then what could it tell us?

How about you? Does the pic make you think about this, at all? Please, let me know.