Saturday, June 10, 2006


From an abandoned cottage in the woods.
Once popular to local kids, the place was called "the 34" (perhaps inspired by a song called "this ole house"of a Swedish orchestra back in the days). The cottage saw many generations come and go. Moments of joy and anger. Laughter and heavy drinking. Love making and fist fighting. All that is over now, what is left is an empty building with destroyed furniture.
An era has ended, now there is silence.

What I have done to the image (in Photoshop 7):
-I made it B&W using the Channel mixer
-I copied the layer and added diffuse glow to the new layer, I then adjusted the opacity (once again, thanx to Mattias for that tip)
-I added grain and darkened the back of the chair
-I created a vignetting by making an oval selection, changing the feather to about 80 and darkening the selection with hue/saturation.
-The frame was created by adding a stroke to the pic, enlarging the canvas and adding some old text that I scanned from a 100 year old book to the black frame

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