Monday, January 30, 2006


Well folks, this is what I´ve been working on in the past few months.

I give to you: my first poster [a great roar from the audience]

The poster is for a one-(wo)man play that my fiancée is working on. And I got to create the poster (yeay...)

Layer masks, color fills, gradients and different layer styles have been my best friends (and worst aswell) for the past few months. This has been the largest project I have ever worked on. The imagefiles were just so huge; about 100 meg´s each. Any pro´s out there might laugh and say that´s nothing. But my laptop was crashing all the time.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I had a go at glamour-photo today.
The picture was actually part of a set pass-port photos of my fianceé Petra, but with some photoshop-magic, the picture came out pretty good.
So, what did I do...

Using Photoshop 7:
- I streightened the image using the measure-tool (eye to eye)
- I flipped the image to get better light on the part of the face I wanted to use
- I used Curves to get a Fiscus-effect. (Thanx Mattias for that tip)
- I added hair using the Clone-tool to get a more harmonic haircut. I also revealed more of the forehead above the eyebrow to get more focus on the eye.
-I enhanced the color of the iris using fill-layers, and setting "colorize" and opacity= about 60%
-I whitened the teeth and removed shadows under the eye using the dodge-tool
-And finally using the fine plug-in: NoiseNinja to get that Barbie-look of the skin.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Restauration 3

Yes, I admit, guilty as charged - I´m repeating myself. But anyway...

Here is a picture of my grandfather in the winterwar.

The original image is 5x5cm small. I guess you can all see what has been done to the image; some cloning and some adjustments to both levels and color balance.

OK, I promise, no more restaurations. (Unless they are really, really good...)