Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is a conundrum

What should I do now?

My photo-project seems to be going down the drain. For the moment it´s completely impossible for me to produce one fine art photograph a week. I´m not sure I could even produce one a month, either. Time is such a valuable thing. I need to balance work, sparetime and family. This meens no sparetime, and therefore no photography.

So what should I do with this blog? I would love to have this forum for me to display at least a small part of what I achieve when it comes to photography. Bur for now, we´re close to zero. Lately, familyphoto has been my main area. Extremely important documentations of our every-day life, but nothing one would want to share online. I really need to develop my photography. I need to develop as a photographer. Someone once said that photography is the language of light. Well, if that is so, then I have a serious stutter.

I guess, for now, this blog has to be a kind of a misc.-folder for me. Putting thoughts and, occasionally, one or two photographs online. I need to be able to combine photography and parenting in a way that doesn´t leave anyone unattended.

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