Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Finally! Here are 4 photographs, or solarographs, that I created using small pieces of Ilfords photographic paper that I placed in small containers with a hole in the side (basically pinholecameras). The exposures were 2-4 months. This project was totally experimental, and my main objective was to record atleast a few strokes of the sun on the sky. I´m proud to say I achieved this. I haven´t added any landscapes to the photographs, but I think that could be the next step in this project.

The paper I got from my pinholecameras was about 5 x 3 cm. I scanned the image and inverted it, flipped it horizontal and adjusted the contrast along with curves and shadow/highlight. I also added a sepiatone to these particular images.

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I have four of my own working away in central New York