Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Here is a view from our kitchenwindow one beautiful morning.

And, yes, the image has been modified (slightly)

-I copied the layers (twice) and set the blend mode to multiply, I used layermasks with gradients on the darkest parts so they wouldn´t be completely black.
-I used levels to get the most out of the colours in the image.
-There was also a lamppost in the middle of the picture, but I removed it using the clone-stamp. The glass in the window was also a bit dirty and caused dark spots all over the image, but using the healing-patch solved that problem (no more washing windows for me :))
-Finally I used the sponge-tool over the trees to get a warmer feel to them.


bruno said...

Shyssst bild. fina färger. :)

Kris said...