Thursday, January 19, 2006


I had a go at glamour-photo today.
The picture was actually part of a set pass-port photos of my fianceé Petra, but with some photoshop-magic, the picture came out pretty good.
So, what did I do...

Using Photoshop 7:
- I streightened the image using the measure-tool (eye to eye)
- I flipped the image to get better light on the part of the face I wanted to use
- I used Curves to get a Fiscus-effect. (Thanx Mattias for that tip)
- I added hair using the Clone-tool to get a more harmonic haircut. I also revealed more of the forehead above the eyebrow to get more focus on the eye.
-I enhanced the color of the iris using fill-layers, and setting "colorize" and opacity= about 60%
-I whitened the teeth and removed shadows under the eye using the dodge-tool
-And finally using the fine plug-in: NoiseNinja to get that Barbie-look of the skin.


mattias said...

Really nice. It's glamour but not to much, I like that style.

bruno said...

snyggt. ska försöka göra det själv nu. man kan bli hur snygg som hellst ju :)