Friday, November 18, 2005

Creating reflection

Yup, it´s a cliché. But I had to give it a go.
This is the skyline of my hometown. Located beautifully by the Gulf of Bothnia. Believe it or not - the image is manipulated :)

This is how I did it using Photoshop 7 (Thanks to mr Vainamo for the inspiration)
1. I made a selection of everything above the horizon.
2. I copied the selection onto a new layer (Ctrl + J (I use a PC))
3. Using Free transform I chose Flip Vertical and then fitted the new layer to the rest of the image to create an illusion of reflection.
4. To make the reflection more realistic I blurred it.
5. The frame was created using filters (poster edges). The selection feathered to about 50. Some good old fiddling with the Wacom tablet was also necessary.

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2shea said...

Good shot, a good job on those reflections